How Parents become Grand parents…

Scene 1: Thatha 1:
Chutku needs nasal drops for the nose block. Its just simple saline drops that clears his nasal passage and helps him breathe easy. So, while I left the drops with my dad with instructions to use it if required, here was the conversation:

Dad: But he doesnt like it. Poor fellow will cry.
Me: Ofcourse he doesnt like it! Who likes it if water is squirted into their nose?
Dad: Then why do you want me to put it? I will just carry him around until he feels better.
Me: But that wont help – You better use it if required.
Dad: Isnt there anything else – instead of making him uncomfortable?Poor fellow…
Me: Dad! Why are you acting like this? Its not going to hurt him! What about all the times you put me face down on your lap and squeezed those pus filled boils on my back? What do you think? – It didnt hurt me then?!! These nose drops dont even hurt!
Dad: But then I was a Dad, now Im Grand-Dad!
Me: Huh??!!!

Scene 2:Thatha 2:
In the car with FIL and MIL. FIL is driving and MIL is carrying Chutku on her lap. Chutku is trying every antic possible to grab the office car pass hanging from the rear view mirror, trying to grab the gear, pulling random sheet of paper lying on the dash-board.
MIL: My God! This fellow is so squirmy! Im unable to handle him!
Me: Give him back to me, amma – its better with him sitting in the back.
MIL passes him back to me and he begins to howl – not happy with the change of place.
Me: Chutku, keep quiet(trying to distract him)
Continues to howl…
Me: Chutku (A little louder) stop that, you cant get away with this kind of stubborn-ness.
FIL: You let him be! He will learn as he grows up. He’s just a baby.
Me: But Appa, he has to be disciplined. I cant let him get away with this kind of behaviour.
Me (to chutku):Stop it. Once you begin to understand, if you continue to do this, I will give you one tight slap. This kind of stubborn-ness is just-not-done…

FIL: You will get it from me – if you even raise a finger at my Grand son!
Me: Huh????!!!!

And this, from the man, whose son still thinks twice before saying something contrary. A man who didnt hesitate to discipline his own children in more ways than one! He still scolds hubby if he finds something not up to the mark or if hubby gets stubborn when required!

What Grandparent-hood (Does a word like this exist?) makes to grown men… they turn into this gooey mushy marsh mellows when it comes to grand children! Us, children, would’ve never seen them in this avataar!!


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