Observed on a shopping trip…

All it takes to drive out the monday morning blues for me – New clothes and time for a little dress-up. After a wonderful friday evening, what with hubby throwing a surprise Bday party for me (Im still having my feet above ground, with the after effects 🙂 ), a great shopping saturday and a relaxing sunday, Im ready to face the monday…

Here goes some things that were noticed this shopping trip –
– Why dont they have anything in size 31? Sad… 30 is a little uncomfortable and 32 is loose!
– And why dont they have regular loose fits anymore?! Why should everything be in low raise and stretch?  Arent there anyone else in ‘Pear’ shape? Am I the only one? :-O
– How do those gorgeous ladies manage to shop in stilettos for hours?
– How can you eat pani puris without smudging your lipstick?
– Why is it that the Kurthi I want in my size has always been already picked up by some else and it happens to be the last piece!
– Finally – to the made-up girl in skinny jeans and fake accent – Everybody standing in the Q are waiting for their turn in the trial room – so what are you thinking when you just walk past everyone, turn around and have the audacity to scoff and the others?


What do you think?

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