This day last year…

I was very much a preggy bday baby ;-p,dreaming about all the things that the year would unfold. And in retrospect its been the most eventful year of my life. Our biggest dream come true – Our Baby growing up in

our home…

On that – Here’s one little note to my one little son…

I think of the same day, last year when you were inside me and I was dreaming of all the things I wanted to teach you, to tell you, to do with you. Your Dad and I would watch your movement (imagining what you might be doing inside-cartwheeling? Stretching? Sneezing? Kicking?) and feel so excited that its going to be the best gift for our 30th Bday that God could give us.

And in these past 9 months you’ve grown in leaps and bounds that I’m unable to catch up with you!Standing up holding the sofa or the wall, crawling around behind every pair of feet you see, screaming to get attention, touching every one’s ears – that’s your latest fascination, looking around with wide eyes and open mouth at every vehicle that passes us on the way to work… And best of all I love that concentrated way your eyebrows knit when you watch those tiny ants making their way – though you still haven’t learnt how to catch them. Until then I will continue to breathe that much easy… I spent the whole day that I took off yesterday looking and observing all your movements – obsessed that I am…
You finally crossed the thresh-hold (of course with some coaxing from the grandparents 🙂 ) and we fed you sugar – something that you already love – I hope you get that sweet tooth from me…. You’ve learnt to clap,  – you will be doing something – suddenly you sit up,look at my face and do – clap clap clap 🙂 Its so hilarious at times…But you still hesitate before you give your hand for a shake or even a hi-fi. Yes – I AM a little impatient that way! But that’s ok – I will keep at it till you learn.

There’s so much to tell you, but there’s still so much time. I’m sure as days pass and you begin to understand our words there will be advices from everyone around including us. Don’t do this, don’t go there, don’t touch that, don’t pull that, don’t don’t don’t…until you are all restrained and put into the same mould we all are already in…So, for the moment – just enjoy your world, son – do what you want to do,how you want to do…

I have only 1 wish this Bday – I wish to God that you stay safe and healthy and that everything you want – you get…

Love you,
Your mushy mom.


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