Read in Bangalore Mirror on Tuesday in an article “Elephant God’s many abodes’ (Unable to get the link from the paper right now…)

1000 litres of milk abhisheka done for Ganesha idol every Sakashta Chaturthi. Which means once every month. Was distrubed reading it.1000 litres of MILK?!!!

Elsewhere there are small children starving to death,mal nutrition, people dont have even a single meal a day, pregnant women are giving birth to disabled children due to lack of proper food… and 1000 litres of milk going down the drain all in the name of faith and belief… For what joy?

Now, I believe in God and prayer and everything – BUT which God would want to be bathed in milk while there are people starving? I would say God would be more pleased if we could better utilise that 1000 litres of milk to feed a 1000 children that day…

When will this begin to make sense to the people? Its so disheartening… :”-(


What do you think?

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