10 years younger

Is what I would like to be right now… Unattached,carefree with a job and money AND most importantly know all the hip and happening places around town.

I was talking to 2 colleagues who will be travelling onsite for 3 months and they were planning their weekend trips to Vegas and shopping etc etc; That they’ve learnt Salsa, that they’ve hauted the best joints in the city, gone on impromptu trips…I feel they are so young and they have the freedom to do what they want – rather they KNOW what they want… At 20/(25 even) I didnt know where I was going and what is it that I wanted…

Like I was telling them – The one thing that I wouldn’t change even if I had a time machine to rewind 10years would be my then boy-friend/ hubby today. To be able to have a partner in crime, travel where we want, go to the latest movies and discotheques(maybe) and just paint the town red again…

Maybe in a couple of years, Chutku will share our passion to travel and read and we will be able to do all that again…

As I write this I get an official mail announcing a DJ night at work on friday! Yippeeee! Lets see if I can still shake a leg – though I now have 2 left feet…

AND… This is my 3rd post for the day!


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