Our Trip to Cary

This is one trip detail that I’ve been procrastinating forever… Because no words can describe this trip the way I feel it…
But then I saw the photos that cousin has sent – trip photos of aunt and uncle’s visit to their home and it brought memories rushing back… Of the photos we took, of the plans we made, of the plans that didn’t work out!
This was one unplanned trip until the last minute Dr.A called to say he’s visiting S&N.He wanted us to join him and surprise S’s parents who were visiting. So, after frantic calls and online searches for flight tickets it was finally settled that A would reach there a day early on Friday, and we would join them on Saturday.
It so happened, (like it always does with us and our travels) that our flight got delayed thanks to some technical problem and we reached an hour late 😦 We had just the weekend to spend with them and the 1hour delay was killing…
Dr.A and N came to pick us up and then we reached home. They had planned a surprise for the uncle and aunt – A and N had lied that they were going to play cricket *Rolling eyes* ( What else!) and when we reached N went ahead to tell them that A had a bad fall while playing and was really hurt. Aunt came running to the door – all panicky to see hubby and me at the door – her relief was so huge at seeing us and catching the lie – it was palpable! She gave us a BIG hug and we apologised (Though half hearted :-p). S had cooked awesome food (after eating my cooking for months – what S had cooked was surely awesome!) and we chatted non-stop while having breakfast. The men then went out while I had a nice sleep on their cozy bed. Post lunch plans were made to watch a baseball match at the local stadium but then a thunder storm forced us indoors – which was very good coz I remember playing monopoly and another session of gossip! 😀
Since we were all there and the weather was great after the storm we decided to go have ice-cream  at the closest Cold Stone creamery. The 3 cousins decided they wanted to drive in Dr.A’s rented sports car with S promising that she would guide them right. They promptly lost their way at the very first signal 😛 and after loads of phone calls found their way to the mall… Fun was had just choosing the ice cream – My! What a lot of new variety…We then went to the crabtree park and lake, it was so cool and nice – took a few pics, relaxed and went back home…
Our flight was at 3pm Sunday afternoon and the whole morning was spent in relaxed eating,chatting and playing Uno… While checking for Dr.A’s flight timings (A is known for his last minute running for flights) we realised that most flights were getting cancelled or delayed thanks to storms in the entire coast and A had to come back home after his flight got cancelled.We left to the airport with lots of hope that our flight would be cancelled too and we could invariably spend another day with family…
While we eagerly enquired we were told : “Oh! You are sooo lucky Ma’am, your’s is the only flight that will leave on time – there is no storm alert in Columbus!” And she looked at our crestfallen faces – not realising that we REALLY wanted our flight to be cancelled too! She must’ve thought we were crazy! 😛
So while the rest of them spent another glorious evening together we caught the flight back and the lovely 24 hours spent with family had to end. Columbus, back to reality and the grind of worklife had to be restarted with a really hard kick…


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