A Chutku Update

Weelll, It really has been quite sometime since I posted something on my little one. And since he turned 8 months old I thought I should put up all the new things he’s been upto. A little mommy blogging underway…

Now that he’s turned 8 months (though I wonder where the months flew by) he’s getting more and more expressive. He screams at the top of his voice if he doesnt find any one of us around him. He begins to smile and coo and starts to crawl (yeah, he’s crawling now) towards us – unmindful of the fact that there can be hazaar toys in-between. That makes us panic that he might hurt himself!He has also begun to hoist himself up with the least support – our finger or the edge of the crib – so the crib has almost been decommissioned – he stands up holding the edge and bends down to see the floor! We are so afraid that he will topple! So he stays on the mattresses spread on the ground now.Whew, All the makeshift arrangements that need to be done in a span of weeks!
He seems to have a perpetual cold – it never completely leaves him 😦 and he hates it when we put his nasal drops. It worries me that I will end up putting them in his eyes :-O – thats the amount of wriggling he does! Hands,legs, face everything flailing and moving around,and he screams like we are torturing him with the worst!
He LOVES to look at the ThoraN strung at the main door and plucks at the tulasi leaves. He loves to watch the green trees and ANYTHING in red catches his fancy.
All the new toys we’ve bought for him are a waste of money – He ONLY wants the TV remote or our mobiles. And if one of us is around – we are his toys -he wriggles onto our laps, holds our legs and stands,climbs on our tummies and tries to cross across us – anything as long as he is stuck to us. And yeah, newspaper seems to be his fave toy – especially the one his Dad is reading. Give him another sheet of paper- Nah! He throws that aside and grabs the one that we are reading only…

And a few names I’ve given him:
Galeej Guru – Wants to have a runny nose. Brings the roof down screaming if we clean (and we ALWAYS thought we will have a very clean child! *sigh*) Its a huge effort to just wipe his nose!

Dramu Maamu – Imagine this – He is playing with the remote and Im sitting right behind him (he cant see me). He looks up, cant see me, begins to scream – I call him – he turns, looks at me,gives me a smile and then suddenly realises that he was supposed to be crying – makes a really cry-y face typically like this smiley 😦 ,with eyes filled with tears and rushes towards me… Or put him down when he doesnt want to be, God! Such a look he gives – like we are abandoning him or something!
KeDi Subba – For the above mentioned reasons – I think he now realises that G’pa loves to carry him – so the minute he sees him, he’s all smiles and once he’s carried he begins to lean towards the direction he wants to go – which is generally towards the main door or the staircase! We think he now understands that bib means food – so if he’s hungry and we carry him and put on the bib – he begins to kick his legs and opens his mouth – ready to be fed. If he;s not hungry – you can expect the screaming and hands flailing at the spoon.

God! @ 8 months this. What once he gets legs and speech we wonder! Very soon his Dad will loose more hair and Mom will start getting greys!


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