Wagging Tongues and Motor Mouths

Mom was mentioning something on these lines a couple of weeks ago and reading Cee Kay and starsinmeyeson how people cant stop making nasty comments and generally dont know when to stop, triggered me to put up my own post here…
Case 1:
I’ve always been tall – so a backbencher in school through out. I had this short friend S who always sat in the first bench. Being a backbencher, the class boys sat in the rows next to ours and behind us. That meant more interaction with them – not that I cared. But S did (Which i was unaware of) and mentioned that to her Mom. And S’s mom and my best friends A’s mom were both friends and they both decided that they need to ‘enlighten’ my mom on this.

So S’s Mom came home one day, told my granny and mom that I have ‘boy’ friends and took amma with her to the local complex to meet A’s mom. There they both spoke at length about how I talk to boys which is not good for me and that it will affect my studies and how I need to be educated about having ‘boyfriends’. Amma heard them patiently and told them that she knew I talk to boys,that they come home all the time and gently chided A’s mom who happens to be a school teacher herself that as elders they shouldnt be putting such nonsense about not talking to boys in our heads while for us they are just friends. And she very coolly told them that her daughter’s studies and her friends are her concern and she knows what her daughter is doing in school or outside! 🙂 That ended the matter there but even today when Mom comes across either S’s mom or A’s mom – they look the other way! And frankly mom doesnt care!

Digress here: My parents have always been Pro co-education, and my friends both boys and girls have always had the liberty to drop in at any time. Dad and Mom (more Mom) know every friend of mine and even today if someone wants to get in touch with me they call home or drop in to talk to my parents and get my where abouts…And today A is still a good friend I met recently and S also had a
taboo ‘Love’ marriage but is completely out of touch with any of us – she just doesnt care…
End Digression.

Case 2: A school friend I had lost touch with for nearly 10+ years suddenly finds me on Orkut, becomes a friend, sees my photos with Chutku and pings me on Gtalk:
Him: Hey! Didnt know you had a baby – recently delivered?
Me: thinking”Duh!” yeah, born in december
Him:You got married long time back right?
Me: Yeah (Couldnt understand what he was implying – Im Dud like that sometimes!)
Him: Why wait so long for the baby? All OK? Some problem?
Me: *was fuming by now* refused to reply to this – I didnt know what to write – I could only think of profanities!
Him: Changing Topic: Hey! You still in touch with R? – my closest friend from school.
Me: Yeah (By now I was wary of what he was getting at)
Him: So,is she married now?
Me: No
Him: Why? Isnt it time that she get married now? Some Love failure or something?
Me: Why dont u ask her that? (Totally pissed and ready to log out)
Him: Im sure you will be knowing – tell na, after all we are such close friends,we’ve known each other for so long – we should know what’s happening in each others life na…
Me: Refused to reply again. After which I logged out,called R and let out my anger on this guy with the choicest abuses.

I wish now that instead of refusing to reply, I should’ve given him some nasty retort – though I still cant think of what! I still get royally irritated thinking of this incident X-(


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