Roots we are…

Yesterday while watching Chutku playing around (Oh! He has begun to sit and crawl now) we found our that for a few moments that we are not there – he screams/cries to draw our attention to him. And when we respond – look at him,smile – he smiles back and goes back to playing. We realised that he just needs us to be around him, once he is done playing – he crawls back to us – to be carried,lifted,hugged – to be reassured that we are there…

And that hit us – Isnt that what we expect out of our parents too – to be reassured that they are there when we want them? Moving out and starting a life of our own in our new home, with Chutku – not very difficult only because we knew that parents were there. Someday when we cant handle the day we can just give them a call and they are there – 2 sets of parents, 4 pairs of hands – to take care -of us,our home, our baby.

We can find our wings, fly the nest – fly far knowing that our roots are strong,that we can come home anytime – no questions asked, no answers needed, all support given -Reassured that we can fly again, we can take off…

Parents – the roots – and they let us find our wings,support us while we learn to fly – find our own paths, yet always waiting to support when we most need them…


What do you think?

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