Friends and Bosses…

What happens when your closest friend becomes your boss? Is it possible to keep the friendship intact or will the distance begin?

I had a situation when my closest friend was asked to lead the team and I was the senior resource under him… Not happening – I said. I cannot and will not report to him.

You see – then the relationship changes – you wont know if you should behave like friends, or get distant and stop telling him that you will be taking an adhoc leave the next day! :-p And the scenario also changes,you make a mistake – you expect to be let go without making it a big issue, and the friend – makes it difficult for him to let you know you made the mistake – to scold or let go? Mail becomes too professional, call becomes too personal – what to do?

You do something really good and get due credit – then everyone around you will think more it terms of – “arey! they are close friends – what do you expect?” Rather than respecting you for doing the good task. Oh yeah! And people will also try to take advantage of your friendship even if you want to keep it professional – Can you ask Boss to give me 5 days off? What do you think Boss thinks of this situation?What do you think Boss will say at my appraisal – so Friend cant be free with you, cant say what he thinks – becomes Boss, and he will have to maintain the distance too…

Then what happens to the friend? Friend gets lost in Boss… Is it worth loosing a friend to the Boss?

And in my case – thankfully I quit – so we are still friends…


What do you think?

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