Facebook Fad

OK so now Im on facebook.Orkut has become ancient now.Everyone who is anyone is on facebook these days. But I find Orkut better.Somehow the ease with which I can navigate – scrap,put up photos,find friends – cant find that with Facebook.

So what’s so great about facebook people? Someone tell me – help me learn! Why am i finding it so messed up that I cant understand what’s ‘Poke’ and what’s ‘writing on the wall?” How come I am not able to find my “wall” where people are supposed to have left me messages? And what happens when i ‘Poke’ someone, someone has ‘poked me’ – so what? Do I really need all those 100 thousand messages saying someone I know has 534 friends and I also need to add them to my list?Why cant I find the photos that people have posted? And I cant even find the farm where everyone seems to be growing trees and keeping pigs!

Whew! Facebook has me zoned-out of social networking!


What do you think?

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