A month later…

Chutku turns a month old today and life has only revolved around him. Like Santosh has mentioned Im gonna turn into a complete Mommy blogger – I have no clue whats happening around the world otherwise! And this is the best place to diary all tese for posterity.

This has been the fastest month I’ve ever lived! I have no idea where the days are flying past and I have not a thought for work 🙂 Im so totally engrossed in being a new mom and Im loving the experience.

Though the little one has been suffering from stomach pain and Im having to spend sleepless days and nights – Im just praying that things settle down for him soon.

He has already begun to display his personality and has already kept us around his little finger. I never imagined that my Dad would turn out to be a mushy old man in front of the grandson and Im totally impressed. The generally serious Maamu is so taken by him that now that he’s not in Blore he calls everyday to ask how the little fellow’s day has been.His granny leaves all the day’s work the minute she hears him wail and his Dad comes running all the way from work just because his son was sleeping yesterday and he couldnt carry him…His other set of grand parents come every alternate day just to see him.

As for me – The maid has a superstition that Im making my son sick because i cant stop looking at him. I think that says it all…


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