On a more serious note I have officially begun my maternity leave of 12 weeks and am waiting for the baby now. I’d rather have the baby sooner so that I get to spend more time with the baby than just me alone! Im bored sitting at home with nothing much to do…
An empty mind is a devil’s workshop – i’ve only been thinking of what and how everthing’s gonna be. What would my first reaction be on seeing the baby? What would hubby’s be? Am I gonna cry? Am I gonna be thrilled? Coz right now all that I feel is a fascination – Even as Im writing this the baby is moving inside and I marvel at nature and the science of all this… How in 9 months there’s a living being inside me!
And sometimes I wonder, when mom and MIL are making plans for the baby clothes/debating between nappies and diapers – I just sit and think – what HAVE i got myself into?!!! Can clumsy me handle such a delicate thing? Take care of it? I dont even know what’s right and what’s not! And what kind of a parent am I gonna be?-Scary… A parent for the rest of my life – My whole identity getting re-defined… I dont think anything else – any other relationship demands so many changes in life and thought processes.
God! I now only pray for loads and loads of luck and ofcourse maturity (I think its definitely required! What say?) to help me don the crown of ‘Mother’!


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