What Is It? – Rant…

That makes anyone/everyone give advice – (unsolicited ofcourse),stop midway and ask how many months and how many more to go when they see someone carrying? And what do they expect me to say when they ask ‘how are you?’ – Should I be giving them my complete medical history?!!

For nearly 7 months i wasnt showing much and kept wondering ‘How come people dont notice and what will happen when they do’ but now that they notice its getting more tougher to keep patient and calm when everyone has some advice to give and something to say.

I know, I know that it must be concern and they are trying to say ‘We understand’ but still… It does get too stuffy at times.

And Oh!Embarassing too when you’re walking to lunch with 3-4 bachelors and some lady just stops and talks/advices you!! Sheeesh! :-O


What do you think?

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