We dont need a ‘Mother’s Day’ to appreciate Mothers…

If there is something one cannot do without,it is Mother.Father loves her,daughter imitates her,son ignores her,salesmen thrive on her,motorists hurry around her,teacher phones her,and the woman next door confides in her.
She can be sweeter than sugar,more sour than a lemon,all smiles,and crying her heart out all within any given two minute period.
She likes sewing,detective stories,having her birthday remembered,church,a new dress,the cleaning woman.Father’s praise,a little lipstick,flowers and plants,dinner out on sunday,policeman,one whole day in bed,crossword puzzles,sunny days tea, and the newspaper boy.
She dislikes doing the dishes,Father’s boss,having her birthday forgotten,the motorist behind her,spring cleaning,junior’s report card,rainy days,the neighbour’s dog,stairs and the man who was supposed to cut the grass.
She can be found standing by,bending over,reaching for,kneeling under, and stretching around,but rarely sittin on.
She has the beauty of a spring day,the patience of a saint,the appetite of a small bird,and the memory of a large elephant.
She knows the lowest prices,everybody’s birthday,what you should be doing,and all your secret thoughts.
She is always straightening up after,reminding you to,and taking care of,but never asking for.
Yes,a Mother is one thing that nobody can do without.And when you have harassed her,buffeted her about,tried her patience,and worn her out,and it seems that the end of the world is about to descend upon you,then you can her win her back with four little words.”Mom,I love you”.

~ William A Greenebaum 11


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