Attracting Attention

I have already written about these TV shows and how people go to any extents for a few minutes of fame. Along those lines, I caught this other ‘talent show’ while channel-surfing. Saw old ladies – 50+ atleast trying to impress the audience and the judges with filmy song and dance routines. Old ladies who were out of shape- in really ill-fitting clothes trying to gyrate to the current top dance numbers of bollywood. These ladies introduced themselves as Doctors and school principals who are appreciated in their field of work.These ladies were boo-ed by the audience and asked to leave the stage within a minute of their performance. It definitely made me wince. How could they even think of coming on an all Indian talent show? How did they audition and get through? Or were they selected just to add that ‘stupidity’ factor in the show? I’ll come to the other-side of the coin later – but I DO think it was sheer stupidity to go out there on a platform where millions of Indians are going to watch you and you are all willing to make a fool of yourself. I have no issues with the gender/age if the person is really talented,but these were not. What gives a person such ideas i wonder…

Now for the other-side of the coin. I enjoy some of the performances of the ‘Boogey-Woogie’ Mommy special. I understand that there are really talented women out there who have learned dancing through their childhood and teenage years and left it all to make a home and raise a family after marriage. I appreciate those husbands who encourage their wife to persue a hobby that the wife had given-up on. And stand by them when they go on stage to make that one dream come true. For the wife too its an achievement – just because she went out there and performed in front of the audience as dreamed despite winning or not winning the competition…

I was also thinking that on a personal note I would’nt do anything like this all my life – maybe thats why Im no-one special – just a girl-next-door. But im happy being just that! Also, watching the ‘fear factor’ makes me realise that I wouldnt do any of those stunts even if you give me a million bucks and keep a gun to my head! :-O God! some are downright scary and some are gory.AND I realise I have a fear of almost everything!So thats 1 program where im appreciating the guts of those ladies who are atleast attempting to overcome their fears and do those stunts. Hats-Off to them…


What do you think?

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