Life inside a car

As seen travelling to and from work:

1. A couple in the car arguing about something.
2. Another couple – both holding hands over the gear 🙂
3. A single man in the car – tapping his fingers to the music or talking over the handsfree.
4. A big shot in a swanky car with driver – on the laptop or talking on blackberry
5. A call center cab taking people back home- all dozing in the car
6. A call center cab with only driver – talking over the mobile and driving rash
7. A parent with a bored kid strapped in the front seat.
8. A busy body eating an apple/sandwich at the signal-probably having skipped a meal?
9. A confident lady driving a cool red Skoda Octavia (imagine me drooling over the car)
10. Finally, me me – sitting in a bus and observing all these and letting my imagination run wild – while my subjects are unaware ;-p

Observe anything else? Feel free to add in comments…


What do you think?

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