Cartoon Imagery of the wud-b baby

Now that its public knowledge that Im expecting, there are some funny conversations that happen both at home and at workplace regarding the baby. Ofcourse Im mercilessly teased by my friends because I have a short temper/Im lazy and what not but here are a few incidents worth making a note of!

I had a bad cold a week ago and was consistently sneezing. Now imagine the baby also caught cold-then when it sneezes the imagination is that with all the air that comes out in a confined space my tummy bloats up at that instant and then goes back to normal! Like a balloon burst!

During the recent festivities I made a mistake of bending down to bow to the God after which I could strongly feel the baby moving around. (I wanted to write of this milestone over the past couple weeks – so its kinda recorded here!) So hubby’s imagination: The baby standing like a chota hanuman-with legs apart and hands on the waist and a huffy face saying: “Mamma! How dare you bend so much and cramp my (already less) space” Dishshum! Disshum! hitting my tummy…

Whatever! *rolling my eyes!* 8-|


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