Black or White

This post has been on my mind for quite sometime now. Ever since we’ve announced that we are having a baby we’ve been getting a lot of advice from really well-meaning people around us. Ofcourse the general ones being take good care of yourself/dont eat junk food/dont roam around too much etc etc; Along with all these are some advices to ‘make the baby fair’.

I’ve written about this before – the obsession for ‘fairness’ here and it irks me no end that people want a ‘fair’ baby – not just a healthy one! And this is one ‘advice’ I completely REFUSE to follow. Tell me that something is healthy for the baby and I will galdly do it/eat it but tell me its to have a fair baby – I WONT do it.

For me its a question of basic principle- How am I going to teach my child not to differentiate people by colour if I myself do it? how am I going to tell my child that color is not important to make friends and know people.How will my child trust me and believe me if at some point in time it gets to know that I wanted a ‘fair’ baby? Isnt that hypocritical?


What do you think?

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