What I should be doing…

What I should be doing-And what I’ve been doing…

Eat sprouts and fruits – Eating potato chips and cadbury’s

Eat healthy meals for lunch and dinner – Eating out at work and maggie and soup for dinner

Listen to good soothing music – Listening to Peter Andre sing mysterious girl and Billy joel – we didnt start the fire and Shania Twain croon you’re the one for me…

Read good books which makes you relax and happy – Got hold of Jodi Picoult’s ‘The perfect Match’ about child molestation and abuse.Well I did stop it (reluctantly) after 20 pages – got too heavy to continue.

Walk,Walk,Walk – Eat at 9pm and in bed by 10pm

Dont stress and keep calm – Take on more work and come home by 9.30pm

And pray God that everything continues to go smooth.*Touch Wood*
I know I’ve been bad – I just wrote about how ‘responsible’ I need to get! Well, but I’ve been consciously trying to change everyone of them. I just had an apple along with chips/Listening to ‘Garbh Sanskar’ that MIL bought just for me!/am walking as much as I can at work/trying to take it easy at work as well… And decided to buy only family drama and romance from Blossoms at my next visit 🙂 – Now! Thats something to look forward too – no one can call me shallow for reading M&B or Nora Roberts now! heheh!


What do you think?

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