Settling Down

Now that I’ve put up the reason for my absence over the past 2 months, let me also say that every one’s been saying that we’re doing the right thing – a place to call home and a family to make it a home.Oh!of course to add to it – That its ‘high time’. Bah!What ever that means…

But the only thought at this juncture is – how are we going to make it? Having never stayed out of home all our lives, always having had parents to fall back on – no matter what the situation, having to not only spread our wings and fly but also feed another mouth – nothing seems easy and im rather petrified.

2 people who’ve been so carefree so far have to now become responsible. But as we look at ourselves today and think about how we were an year back I do feel that we’ve kind of become “boring grown-ups” in a matter of months. Why, the last weekend we went to watch Harry Potter in a multiplex and then thought about shopping -we wanted to ‘indulge’ – and so we started with high hopes…

We ended up at Garuda mall/Lifestyle and at the oasis mall – and what did we buy? – NOTHING!! Just a little bit of window shopping and that too for the house and not the usual clothes and shoes we usually buy.And we didn’t even eat out! We were so surprised at ourselves! What?:-O We roamed 3 malls and didn’t buy a thing? Now would you call that boring and grown-up or give it a little more sophistication and call it – responsible and settled down?


What do you think?

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