Been Busy,Been Occupied…

And Been missing here… And Im so glad that people have noticed that! And thrilled that even my really mundane thoughts are not just read but looked forward to…

On a more serious note – Santosh – Thanks a lot for asking and all’s very fine and hoping to get only better.

With a ‘Bun in the oven’ and a house under construction -both touted as “2 most important” things in life,I’ve been forced to finally grow up and take responsibilities!!Hence the absence.

Well, also the fact that the thoughts are predominantly about these 2 I wasnt sure if anyone would be interested in reading them…

OK, now that the explanation for my absence is over – Im going to start putting my random thoughts back again here – irrespective of what they might be! Well its my blog at the end of the day and also a way of chronicling my thoughts at this time in life…

Now that the flood gates have opened – a barrage of thoughts are ready to assault the mind – “Post me first! Post me first!” they say…So, read on ye’all – who would want to know my confused state of mind…


What do you think?

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