Match making

Once upon a time I used to hate it when someone tried to match make for me. Ofcourse – that’s because I had already found my perfect match.Dad was very much into these kind of things suggesting a prospective groom for a friend’s daughter and Vice Versa. And I always told him that its not right to ‘poke your nose’ into their personal lives. If the girl/boy hasn’t found their right person yet – then its the parents’ headache and that it shouldn’t bother him.

Now that the background has been set,I’ll come fast forward to the present. I have a friend who is a couple of years younger than me and I really like him as a person.I know he’s a nice boy who respects his parents/has no bad habits and is well settled. Well – he has all pre-requisites for a ‘Good Match’! I also have a cousin who is very close to me and is a very good girl,cooks well and again has all pre-requisites for a ‘Good Match’. Here I guess my Dad’s genes came into the picture and I thought these 2 would make a very good pair.I thought about it for a week and then I asked the friend if he wouldn’t mind me suggesting a girl for him – I wasn’t sure if he would be interested – but he was! Surprise surprise – I called aunt and told her all that I knew abt this guy and made sure I impressed her. Now Im sooo excited that things are proceeding in terms of horoscope and photo exchange that Im already dreaming far far ahead…

This whole thing might or might not work – but its given me such a great high that I now understand why Dad would’ve wanted to do this. And Mom’s pleased that I am now ‘grown up’ and going their way! – Whatever that means…

Edited to Add: Well it didnt work coz the said cousin has another year more to complete her MBA and so its not going ahead. But,the excitement – as long as it lasted was great – Like I told hubby – “Im so happily married that I feel I should help people with their ‘Perfect Match’ too… No harm there right? *wink wink* Cant ask for a better excuse to ‘Poke my nose’ in other’s lives! 🙂


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