Living the ‘Hindu’ way?

Is it just suppression of women? Where Women are merely meant to be at home – cooking and cleaning for the men?

What happened to the liberty that the women in India enjoyed centuries ago when there weren’t these Chauvinistic rules set by the men in the name of ‘taking care of’ and protecting their Women folk? Where are those Women who are still today respected for the way they fought for the countries, the scholars,the queens and the warriors?

And what gives some close minded group of people the rights to barge into any place and hit,man handle women in the name of protecting ‘Hinduism’? Where in any ‘Hindu’ book is it written that the women have to be hit/beat and controlled and ruled over? That they don’t have a right to choose what they want?

And when these men have the ‘rights’ or rather take these ‘freedom of rights’ into their hands to create a mob and ruckus cant the women of this country take the same ‘freedom of rights’ and do what they want?

The Women who were in that pub in Mangalore were not causing any trouble to anyone, not doing anything ‘anti social’ so why were they targeted un-necessarily? Just to prove that that group could do what they wanted? That they had the ‘higher powers’ to cause a mob and trouble and still get away with it? And to top it the man even got huge publicity and says its all to protect ‘Hinduism’! And that his is a ‘non-political’ organisation. I can see him getting into some political party in the next couple months (Or he already might be there)… All for a few minute of fame again – and how he got it! The nerve that they even took the media with them! Wasnt there a single ‘man’ there who could’ve stopped the whole thing?

The poor women are now living in fear and unable to even give a compliant against those who publicly misbehaved and threatened and hurt them!


What do you think?

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