Remember the time…


~ We used to skate in the classroom in our socks during the lunch hour. Today, I walk gingerly on a smooth surface coz I’m scared of slipping.

~Riding the bicycle everywhere – with no care for the number of ups and downs. Today, peddling for a few minutes gives me cramps.

~ I used to walk back home from school in rain – just to get wet. Today, I carry an umbrella at the sight of heavy clouds…

~ I used to look at all Dad’s cousins in their late 20s and hear that they were all well settled and successful. Today, when people tell me that I’m well settled – i wonder…

~ I used to look at mom and dad and think about when I would work and not have any exam tensions. Today, I wish I could go back to school…

~ On college trips I used to be the first to get into the water among the entire gang of friends, to play. Today, I look at the college kids playing and think just that – Ah! Kids…

Ever wonder if you’ve finally ‘Grown Up’?


What do you think?

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