All for a few pennies more…

Watched Slumdog millionaire yesterday – and loved the movie. As always though the picturisation of India is on the darker side,unfortunately its so true.How the poor boy relates to the questions asked and answers are superb.

The whole movie also triggered a couple more thoughts about all the things that people resort to for a few pennies more…

Times when I want to pay-
To the old man who waits and tries to ‘help’ you park the car in place at a parking lot where there is no parking meter. Just looking at him struggling to blow the whistle makes me take out money to pay him.

To the young kids, or mothers with young crying babies who come begging at signals – hubby says that they might even pinch/hit the babies so they cry-but I cant believe it! Which mother would want to do that?!

Times when I dont want to pay-
To the men who walk around carrying pictures of various Gods and asking for ‘dakshina’-which is nothing short of begging.

To healthy kids/men/ladies (off late Eunuchs) who are just standing at the signals and are a real pain when they keep tapping on the car window, begging.

But on a cold winter night like these, when I am all warm and cosy and I know I always have another sweater/shawl extra,which is lying around unused, I feel blessed and thank God for providing me with means to a clean home/healthy food/warm clothing without too much of a struggle. At these times I really want to do something for all these people just to give them a better chance at life… But would they take it? Or are they happy doing what they are – finding the easiest way out…


What do you think?

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