How does Ipod Shuffle – shuffle?

OK A very simple question to all the regualr Ipod users out there-I’ve been constantly listening to songs on my Ipod for the past 1 month and put it on shuffle mode.

Question is: How does Ipod Shuffle shuffle the songs? Say something like all songs are considered as records in a file – then it does some sort of a sort and search mechanism to play my next song? (Bubble Sort and Binary Search?) (Hehehe Show Off!)

And If I hit the back button-it does go back to the last song it played-not some random song from the playlist…

my collegue told something about a Randomisation Algorithm and my head just reeled with the Information on Wikipedia on the subject! And IF there is something like an algorithm being used-then how does it become ‘Random’? There will be some sort of a sequence to it then??

Can someone explain this in a simple way??


What do you think?

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