Do Men get conscious?

When they are alone in a lift full of ladies?

When they are seen at lunch with 3 ladies and only man?

When they are waiting for their wife outside the beauty parlour?

When they are waiting for the wife to complete her any ‘personal’ shopping at a big mall?Especially if there are older women also who keep looking in his direction every second…

hmmmm??? I got the thought when the other day, a smart guy entered the lift in the last minute-and he was the only one among 5 ladies… He just continued to talk on his mobile,albeit the voice level did go down…

And yes-I know that Hubby gets embarassed for the last point there *eeesh* and he generally asks me to call him once my shopping is done,while he is browsing through the men’s clothes section…He absolutely refuses to wait for me anywhere near by either!


What do you think?

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