Derby In the Rain!

I was reading about Aishwarya Rai coming to Bangalore to the derby and the word ‘Derby’ and the recent rains here, made me realise that I hadn’t written about our trip to Kentucky. Ah! All the things that can trigger a memory!

Hubby’s cousin and family live in Lexington which is around 3.5hrs journey from Columbus.So, all his other cousins decided to visit us in Columbus and spend the weekend with us and visit the other cousin at Lexington too.

Let me call them Mr.Doctor,Mr and Mrs.IT ;-p (I wonder what they’re gonna call me when they read this!). Mr.Doc landed in Columbus from Boston on a cold Thursday evening in April. I was as nervous as I could be since it was the first time all hubby’s cousins were visiting AND, AND eating what I cooked!! THAT was my scare-I had to cook for 5 people and that too in-laws!
Then on Friday came Mr. and Mrs. IT when the House was full of smoke from frying chillies… So anyone can imagine the welcome I gave them!

Despite having to work Friday night,we managed to talk until 2am (except the Doc who had to drive to Lexington the next day) and then grabbed 4 hrs of sleep to start at 7am the next day to Lexington. It was a 4hr drive and we stopped at the Horse Farm.

I remember reading Black Beauty as a kid in school and had this imagination of a well built black horse… but nothing to beat the look of those well groomed Derby horses. They are so tall and so well maintained with Shiny hair.Oh my God!To just watch them-its beautiful! Unfortunately it was very very cold and raining-so all shows for the day were cancelled (bad luck for us 😦 ) We still had fun looking around the horse sheds (for lack of a better name) and admiring their size and their mane,touched them,took loads of pictures and generally froze our noses out in that cold rain. We then started from there and reached Lexington by lunch time.

Had a yummy home cooked meal-something that I didnt have to prepare 🙂 and then went to watch the Derby-in the rain! the place was filled with the ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ people who were betting huge amounts on the horses. We watched a parade of all the horses that were participating in the race that evening and then the betting booths opened. Hubby’s BIL suggested that we all bet some 5$ just for the fun of it-else it wouldnt be all that thrilling to watch the races. So, all the men went to bet while we stood wrapped up in coats over the chilly winds…

Its really an experience to watch all that energy and power-running right in front of you-I can imagine how exhilarating it will be for the rider-the wind blowing on his face and everything on the sidelines, just a passing blur…

Oh! And what was thrilling was we won!-we bet 5$ and won 36$ 🙂 for which we all bought cool drinks and pepsi. Since we had to head back to Columbus we went back home,had dinner and left by 8pm-knowing very well that by the time we would reach home it would be past midnight…with only Mr.Doc driving…

The next 2 days-sunday and monday went in a jiffy-we caught up on each others’ lives,the cousins were just making fun of each other and regaling us with childhood stories, we tried a new Mexican restaurant on sunday and I attempted to cook palak paneer – though it was Mrs.IT who did most of the cooking :-p And then monday we made 2 trips to drop off the cousins, sadly by the time Mr.Doc left I was in tears-coz it was a very memorable weekend for me and having felt lonely with no one to call “My Own” I had enjoyed that bonding over the previous 4 days…

Its only when you dont have what you take for granted – do you realise the real worth of it….


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