This Day…


This day,years ago you proposed to me. Its been 10 years now since I met you and we became friends.And somewhere down the line, the friendship grew to something more… We became a couple among the huge group of a dozen friends.Someone whom we could trust and depend on for the rest of our lives.

We went through a lot of phases together. Like you reminisced, we met when we were 19-went through the stage of completing education and doubts of what next, then came the question of entering the job market, and then telling parents and getting their acceptance-which thankfully wasn’t as tough as we had thought! and now-after 10 years of knowing each other and 3.5yrs of marriage there are so many more things we are looking forward to…

All through these,there never was a doubt about ‘US’. No matter how tough-I knew I could completely lean on you and you would take over.

So,let me just say-I feel things are just beginning for us-a new lease,dreams we had dreamt together are slowly taking concrete shape. And I’m looking forward to every moment to come. And a lot more dreams to dream together!

This is my gift to you, this December 7th. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Sweetheart! I love you…


What do you think?

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