Quirky?! Me?

Well,I’ve been tagged again to list 6 eccentric characters of mine by Arch-fully I first thought- that’s so easy! but then I couldn’t think of any! That’s when I realised – we look around,see people everyday and find quirks and unusual habits in them,but we never realise our own. So I’ve thought about this for a week and here it goes:

1. Counting Steps: If Im alone and walking up/down a flight of stairs-I count the number of stairs I take,unless Im on the phone/some bigger thought is nagging me. Weird na?

2. Head shaking: Probably not a habit but I shake my head and hands a lot while talking. The more excited I am,more the hand and head movements. Hubby has even experimented holding my head while I talk-I cant! My thought process halts if I cant shake my head! :-O

3. Extreme Clumsiness: I am extremely clumsy. I HAVE to hurt myself at least once a day. Hit my big fat toe to the dresser/table leg, cut my hand,stumble-something! Worst is dropping water from the tumbler with my hand while talking (ref. 2). So now I generally keep any such tumblers far far away from my moving hands when ever we go out to eat.

4. Ironed Clothes: I have to wear ironed clothes always-whats so quirky you ask? I don’t like even the line of folding on ironed clothes. I iron them again-well not these days (no time! 😦 ) but this obsession was at its peak during college-Mom used to get so frustrated that she would say – “If you could Iron your clothes AFTER you’ve put them on your body-you would do that too!” :-p oh! And on the topic of clothes-I need to decide what I will wear and think a LOT the night before-even for a normal work day-Is it going to rain? Am I going to feel hot/cold? Do I have any imp meetings that I need to be comfortable in my clothes? blah blah…

5. Stage Fright: YES! I have a bad bad case of stage fright. I cant talk in any formal gathering. A team meeting and I need to give updates-I better go prepared with my sheet of paper,or I will go completely blank and start to hyperventilate,feel hot,voice becomes squeaky-NO I AM NOT exaggerating. Its true. The same team at a dinner party-I can bring down the place talking. Same crowd-different situations 😦 I just hope nobody at work notices it though! (Just last week,I was giving some updates and I forgot what a POC was,Just couldn’t recollect. Thankfully I had a minute to think and get the right expansion for the same. *whew!* )

6. Prayers: Its an ingrained habit since I was a kid. I pray as soon as I get up, and I HAVE to get up on my right side, and pray before I sleep-no matter how tired I am. I realised its not a common habit for most-only after marriage! Until then I was under the impression that everyone does it…

Aha! These are 6 that I thought of myself. And here are some that others told me-That I worry a lot-a lot lot more than what ‘normal’ people do!?? And Hubby pointed out that I am obsessed with photographs. Any given day I can spend hours together looking at photos. And oh! that I am slowly getting addicted to blogging!And this one again by hubby (Who else *rolling my eyes*) -that I never get a single sneeze-my sneezes are always More than 3-4 at a time 😀 – now howz that for a quirk? Beat that anyone? 😉

Now here’s passing the buck:

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