Dostana and some more – review

Watched it over this weekend – and its definitely worth seeing once -Oh! but if you are out looking for some serious (Gay) relationship advise or you like to watch ‘thought provoking’ films – this one’s soo not for you! Leave your brains behind at home and go watch – Its so much fun.

I thoroughly ENJOYED the movie. I don’t enjoy slap-stick comedy – the butt kicking,Ass kissing kind of jokes or in-your-face double meaning jokes – but this one doesn’t have any such thing. The dialogues and (sometimes and deliberate)over-the-top ‘gay’ acting by AB Baby (Ofcourse! Now I know you’ll all say im biased) is suuperb! So is John. Some dialogues are pun intended but they arent dirty, and instantly makes you laugh. I haven’t laughed so much in any movie in a very very long time.

And for those who like Priyanka – I guess they ran short of budget while designing her clothes and ofcourse John!! OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t know that heroes could carry off such teeny weeny clothes (ahem!). Oh! The only disappointment in the movie is Bomman Irani – He’s wasted and I didnt see any point in porraying him in a Gay role too.

For an easy going,fun filled 3 hours – Go Watch it!

[PS: talking of some more movies –
Golmal Returns – DON’T WATCH! Even if someone offers to pay you for it! Its pathetic – I couldn’t sit through 1/2 hour of the DVD that MIL had got.
Vantage Point – hubby’s been wanting to watch it and put it on DVD yesterday night-I thought I would probably sleep as soon as the movie began (have done it plenty of times) but no, it kept up its grip and I got so involved in it that I couldn’t sleep for almost an hour after it ended!Had to calm myself down and then sleep!Must watch thriller.
Devil Wears Prada – Had watched it on *Plus half and half but kept hearing about it that I got the VCD over this weekend. Meryl Streep – too good,watch if you like Chick Flicks
Mama Mia – Over the last weekend. Wow to Pierce Brosnan 😀 And Amazing acting by Meryl Streep-even at this age she can jump up and run around-cool! But the movie is a musical and drags-very slow,need to have patience not to forward the songs
Quantum Of Solace – Disappointed since there wasn’t much Gadgets in this one. Nothing much to look out for either.OK OK would be my take

Whew!Quite an impressive movie list over the last couple of weeks!-which does include Fashion too,by the way]

I saw the DVD of ‘The Painted Veil’ at the DVD shop yesterday and liked the synopsis given. Has anyone watched it? Reviews? Plan to get it over the next weekend.


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