Of New Movies and Old Music – Edited

Off late there have been many movies that are attracting a lot of attention. Promos of ‘Rab Ne Banaadi jodi’ and Ghajini being the latest. And we watched ‘Fashion’ last week. Got off early from work (which was the BEST part of the evening!;-p)for the 7pm show. I had watched Madhur bhandarkar’s Page3 last and had liked it. So we went to watch ‘Fashion’ with some expectation.

Verdict? – It wasnt all that great.An easy half hour could’ve been edited out of the movie which might have made it more crisp, in my opinion. But we did like both Priyanka Chopra (Ofcourse she’s hubby’s fave-so no questions asked there!) she has done a good job and Kangana Ranaut too – she seems to be doing this drunk and depressed act one too many times-isnt it? and become a pro at it! Its time she does something else.

Now for the discussion on SRK in ‘Rab ne banadi jodi’ – the 3D picture at Forum reminded me of those Mithun chakraborti movies with those 16year old heroines – remember them? The Father-Daughter age pairing? Eeeesh! SRK CANNOT carry off those bespectacled look and the heroine IS too young for him! SRK or not-that picture put me off that movie – though I might retrace my words – coz its an Aditya Chopra film-which means mush mush and more mush.hmmmm Got some serious decision to make here – To Go OR Not To Go…

And for Ghajini-only one thing to say – AK looks toooo beefy and not great with all that body building for his height – anyone else thinks so too? I like him with his cute looks better 🙂 – the Pehela Nasha look… *sigh*.

The ONE movie I absolutely am waiting to watch is ‘Dostana’ – give me AB Baby anytime honey! anytime!!!! *grinnnnnn*.

And that was about movies – now for some music-been listening to this song on my Ipod (by the way, its my Bday gift from hubby :-D) and its stuck in my head at the moment… Here’s the link – Tu Is Tarah Se. Lovely lyrics,good music… melodious.

Difference of opinion on any of these – anyone???

[PS: Can someone plzzz teach me how to embed the video in here? – am lost!]


I was having similar discussion with the ladies in the family who are big AK/SRK fans and one of them commented that Abhishek Bachchan would also grow old and will have bags under his eyes. I agreed and here’s my response (this conversation was through mails):

I have also been a huge fan of AK – I’ve already mentioned. And for SRK – I’ve always liked the romance he brings onscreen – especially with Kajol/Rani.

But, if you see how they both look now – they are public figures and they should know what suits them and what doesnt. They have a huge fan following as well. Which is why I said maybe Aamir could’ve tuned down his ‘beefy’ muscled look – and worked on what would look better on his build and SRK on drawing the line about acting with heroines years younger than his age – the poster at PVR reminded me of Amitabh bachchan/mithun chakraborty who in a desperate act to revive their ‘hero’ careers acted with girls half their age – remember? But now that they’ve accepted their age they are getting roles in which they are performing extremely well – Mithun in Guru? AB in the latest row of movies… I liked SRK in Chak De India, Aamir in Taare Zameen Par – they are 2 exceptionally good actors, though their acting ways/methods might be different. They need to realise now what the crowd expects out of them.

And then finally for AB Baby 😀 – I agree he will also grow old someday, and I have no problems with it as long as he learns from other’s mistakes and takes up roles that will suit his age at that time. Like the Hollywood heroes who know how to act their age! For now – he’s great!]

Santosh!!! Thanks! Am trying to embed the video here:


What do you think?

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