You know you’ve married the right man when…

*Mush Mush and more Mush!*

I keep cribbing about how un-romantic he is but over the past couple of days-when I’ve been my worst and sick,fussy,grumbly and moody – he’s taken off just to be with me,give me some moral support I oh-so-much wanted (without realising I did)… And today that he’s gone to work and Im still in bed-he makes sure he calls hourly despite his hectic schedule just to find out how Im feeling… I felt it apt to put these thoughts here, when it means so much to me-

You know you’ve married the right man when…
-He wakes up in the middle of the night to kill the irritating mosquitoes.
-He comes all the way to your distant office to pick you up after a long, hard day.
-He buys your fav chocolate when you sound low on the phone.
-He puts up with all your noisy/boisterous cousins becoz he knows they love you.
-He keeps quiet when you scold your dad in this breath and praise him in the next.
-He drops you and picks you up from the parlour sessions or office parties without a whimper.
-He points out your mistakes without raising his voice and makes complete sense.
-He lets you rave and rant for hours, knowing he can put an end to it with just 1 calm sentence!
-He lets you do non-stop talking and listens too! when his eyes are already dropping off to sleep…
-He understands when you r going through your mood swings and screaming for utterly no reason.
-Soothes you when you wake up with a nightmare and stays awake until you go back to sleep.

I now totally feel loved and wanted-even when im not the best. I dont know how better to express it than putting it up here…

Time to stop cribbing about being un-romantic – huh? ;-p


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