Deepawali habbada shubhashayagaLu…

Wish you all a very happy deepawali!

One festival I’ve always really enjoyed-for one because as kids too we didnt have to get up early and sit in front of the God for hours together of pooja and without being questioned, stay out of the house on the streets talking and burtsting crackers with neighbours.

Since marriage its only been more fun as all the cousins meet up to burst crackers atleast one 1 day of the 3 day festivities. Though today I am not so fond of the crackers and the pollution it causes I still do enjoy watching. The excitement it brings, the noise and the laughter when someone is bursting the crackers or when a rocket doesnt go up! Or there is a ‘tuss’ pataki! The joy in everyone’s eyes when they see the colours in the night sky and the feeling of one-ness, ‘belonging’ that the elders in the family bring by getting the whole family under one roof, 1 festival in a year to wish for happiness and prosperity to everyone despite all odds…

Have a coloruful and bright Deepawali everyone!


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