Sept Travel Tales -III – SFO

Finally, its the end of the travel tales in the US with this one. Though we were in Columbus and ideally we were to fly back on the 23rd from Columbus-Chicago-Bombay-Blore I requested for a route change via SFO so we could visit my brother who had just gotten there and also meet my uncle who’s settled there and taking care of bro.

It was I must say a blessing in disguise for us as we had a LOT of luggage and thankfully Singapore airlines gave us the option of more weight! šŸ™‚ in comparison with the other flight we were supposed to take from Columbus. Also, we got an opportunity to stay in SFO for 3 days and see that place too!

Well, with bag and baggage we travelled to SFO via Denver – Our good bye to Columbus said and sad. We reached SFO only late saturday evening and uncle and bro had come to take us back home.So it was just good rice and rasam that night for dinner-prepared by someone else other than me!

Since bro was beginning college from monday we thought we (4 of us) could see around SFO on sunday and monday me and hubby would drive to Yosemite national park- around 4hrs from SFO. But as fate would have it-early sunday morning we got to know that my uncle’s older brother had passed away and he had to rush back to India. So the entire sunday our mood was off and we were trying to find him earliest tickets back home and making coffee/tea for his friends-who were more at home there than us! So our plans were all changed and we rented a car at the airport that night when we went to drop my uncle to catch his flight to India.

So, the next day we just dropped Bro at Stanford and also grabbed that chance to look around the university campus.

This is one of my fav pics:

Not everyone gets to step into Stanford you see;-p.We spent that hour looking around and then picking him up went, had lunch and went to the SFO pier. We took a Golden Gate bridge

and alcatraz cruise in the middle of the afternoon,

saw the Pier aquarium,and then strolled around the Pier shops-which was a very lively experience.

I would love to do that again if I ever get a chance to visit SFO again. We then drove over the Golden Gate bridge for a view of SFO downtown-that was another fabulous view of the lights of downtown SFO on a full moon night.

Oh yeah!we also went in search of the Lombard street or Crooked Street which I ABSOLUTELY wanted to see and had to nag both bro and hubby to find it. It was definitely worth the search and both of them stopped grumbling and accepted that I was right – for once! *ah! What an achievement!*

On tuesday since Bro had full day college we dropped him at the univ and we decided to do some more site seeing. We went to the famed Baker’s beach-which was just a small stretch of sand below the golden gate bridge and was a letdown. I mean-after being to Goa and seeing miles of sandy beaches, who would be satisfied with a small stretch of sand-right? Call it spoilt for choice if you want!

Then we went back to drive through Lombard/Crooked street again and then to the Ghirardelli Square for a bite of Ghirardelli chocolate *yummmmm* I still cant forget that taste! I’ve already written about it here.

By then it was already late afternoon and we had to pick up bro,finish the last minute packing, have dinner, give the house keys to uncle’s friend,drop bro back at univ,return GPS and then head to the airport by 10pm.*whew*

Ok~ now begins the harrowing story. We finished dinner by 8.30, packed everything,locked up home and ready to start-hubby asks: Do you have the passports with you? The tickets are with me”. I knew it was in my cabin bag and asked Bro to confirm once.He looked and didnt find it,then hubby looked and didnt find it. By then I had started to panic-I thought I might have left it out before packing so ran back in to check-not there. Came back-checked the other cabin bag-not there.Checked my purse-not there.By this time it was 9pm and all our BPs had risen due to panic and we were thinking that we would have to lodge a complaint and we would miss our flight back home-blah blah… Then for one last time I decided to check in the said cabin bag-and there it was-hidden at the bottom which both bro and hubby didnt bother to check properly!!! *Ah!HUGE relief* By the end of this episode it was 9.15 and we were behind schedule by a full half hour.Then we gave the keys to uncle’s friend and went to the gas station-that was the next step-some problem there and it took 10mins more than necessary to fill the gas.Then dropped bro to the univ and went back to the only walmart to return the GPS-turned out that they close at 10pm and it was 10.02! So, we didnt know what to do! Went back to the univ-gave bro the GPS to return and went to the airport finally by 11pm, and our flight was at 12.30am-just an hour to go. We returned the car and with 4 huge suitcases,2 cabin bags,1 laptop bag and 1 purse! we went to catch the train to the terminal. Its said trouble ALWAYS comes in 3s-so here was the final one-The train came and guess what-the trolley wheel that had our suitcases got stuck between the train and the platform! Whowudathunk!!! Me inside with purse and 2 suitcases,hubby outside on the platform with the laptop bag and the trolley stuck in the middle, the doors about to close! Panic panic!I just dropped the purse down,grabbed the bottom of the trolley and pulled and simultaneously hubby pushed-and finally we were all in-in the nick of the time. Thank God! In all this milieu my purse tore :-O. We finally reached the terminal just about the check in closing time and didnt have to wait at all-just ran past everyone to board the flight!! *whew* One experience Im never going to forget…

After a lot of drama we finally left the US of A for good on the 25th September 2007!


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