Fag End of Youth?

Am I? In the next couple of days I’ll be turning another year older and another year left to the big 3 ‘Oh’. And Im suddenly beginning to feel old! Nostalgic. Santosh left me a comment on my DJ night and college memories post and felt that I should’ve participated in that dance that night and I would’ve felt younger – but since I didnt – I did feel older! I just couldnt let go of my inhibitions and go out there to dance. I was rather thinking of having my dinner before my bus leaves at 9pm! There used to be a time when dance and participation in anything came before food…

Was watching all these Indian idols and Star VOI auditions. Then hubby says: “How many opportunities the ‘youth’ have these days”,
Me ” sorry? did you just say ‘youth’?” He gives me that blank look.”You said ‘Youth’ like we dont belong to youth? Hello? We still havent touched 30 yet!!” And then he realised what he had said – “Oh! Yeah! Dont you think you and me are too old for these things now? I guess we’ve reached the fag end of youth!”

That made me think think think – grown old? Naah! Even now give me an opportunity to let me hair down and shake a leg I will! I dont even have a single grey hair – yet *Grin* Still, when I see the current college crowd – their dressing sense, their confidence (they definitely have more than what we had in college), their opportunities for career – it need not necessarily be Medicine/Engg anymore…The parents are also more relaxed. Or even the varied party options they have! The exposure and access to a lot of things that we craved for or paid the measly pocket money for! (say the internet? I used to shell out precious 30-40Rs for every 1 hour!)

Oh! but I am looking forward to this last year when I can still say ‘Im in my 20’s!’ 🙂 and also to the year Im expecting will bring in a lot of life style changes!

Wish me luck on 1st!!


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