DJ Night and College memories

For the past week we’ve been having some competitions and events as a part of some Mela at work and yesterday was the finale-with a DJ night. While sitting there and listening to the current hot item numbers and the younger (yep!I did feel older just sitting there!) crowd was going crazy, I was reminiscing those good old college days when we danced madly at all college day functions 🙂

Those 3 years of degree,every college day we were a gang of 7 girls who didnt participate and go on stage. Why? So we could stand at the end of the crowd and dance to all the ‘In’ songs that the people danced to on stage! No one to notice us-we used to be secure in our own world and dance like there was no tomorrow. I remember the final year when Kaho Na Pyar Hai was released and Hrithik’s Ek pal ka jeena was the super hit song. I dont remember watching it being performed on stage – we girls were at it ourselves 😀 And we had no clue that another classmate and got his Handy Cam and was recording all of it!! Later when we sat and watched it,we were amazed that we werent actually bad *grin*. And during our send-off party we even organised an antakshari which was a hit.But now I flunked the written test for preliminary round of Antakshari!

How times change… And why I didnt dance yesterday? I was having dinner and was thinking of dancing after that but it started to rain and the whole thing had to be stopped 😦 I wonder how long its going to be before I get to shake a leg again. *sigh*.


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