Musing: Education <-> Money?

Since school, We (my brother and me) have been brought up with the idea that only those who are well educated come up in life. And we truely believed it and always strived to be on the top (he always was,me – atleast 1 in top 5). Mom always showed the construction workers or the peanuts selling guy in front of the house to my brother who used to cry to go to school and would come up with the lamest excuse to miss school, telling him that he would also one day have to do manual labor if he doesnt study well. Everytime my brother saw a car on TV/a big house mom used to stress that we can get all that if we study well – then we will get good/well paying jobs and we can get all of what we want. She also always insisted that we should be kind to people/ not resort to bad things and be happy with what ever we earn with our hard work…

Today we’ve both grown up,well educated, me in a (supposedly)good job and him doing his MS in Stanford. We have our manners and behaviour in place, respect our elders we know we have to work hard to earn our daily bread and butter.

But off-late I’ve found a lot of people who are not at all educated, doing some business or the other and earning a hell of a lot more money than what both me and hubby together wont be able to make in our lifetime! And they have all that they want. I sometimes wonder what if our parents had taught us to do some business – maybe helped us to develop a keener business sense rather than pushing us to immerse ourselves in books/study harder/get those degrees – would we be better off? Earned more money? Would we have everything that we want without spending sleepless nights on working out the money matters? Would we be happy? Maybe yes!

On second thoughts – would I have a clear consience? Would I be satisfied? Wouldnt I want something else that I probably still cant get? WOuld I be able to return home after a really harrowing day at work and be happy that I accomplished something today? Would I enjoy all that I buy with that money? – I dont think so…

For now I wish, I would win a lottery ticket someday 🙂 That would be easy money – and not bad at all – isnt it? Hmmm…wishful thinking…


What do you think?

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