Washington DC – The HOT HOT Trip

Wrote about Philly trip – So am just gonna continue here…

Since the unplanned trip was just not for us we decided to plan the Washington trip in advance before we decided to go…

Infact, we were unsure until the last minute that night whether we should go to New York or to Washington DC. We asked hubby’s uncle and aunt and they told us that there is lesser to see and in a smaller area in DC than in NY that made us decide on DC. So we took out the laptop, marked the places we wanted to see, checked out the hop-on, hop-off locations and starting points and food areas – making sure that we dont end up fighting again!!

And we started at 8am the next day to DC. It being a monday morning there was a lot of traffic on the way, we later got to know that since DC and Philly are so close by most people having homes in Philly and working in DC come home for the weekend and go back on monday mornings – so as luck would have it we reached Washington at 11.30ish and as instructed parked the car at the Grand Central train station-

which was the starting point for the hop-on hop-off tours.

It was I guess one of the HOTTEST days in the year and the heat was killing us! To top it off the tour started bang at noon. Since we started later than we had thought – we just had to grin and bear it…

We started with the parliament building and then did the rounds of all the monuments in that block – Lincoln memorial/Jefferson memorial/Washington Monument/Vietnam Memorial/World War II Memorial.

The only Smithsonian that we were interested in seeing was the Aerospace museum we happily spent 2 hours there – away from the heat
and also had cheese pizza inside – just so we could avoid the search for lunch in that hot sun.

Post lunch we went to Ford’s theater where Abraham Lincoln was shot.

There was a talk on the that episode where they showed us how it all happened. It was kind of exciting to be sitting at the same place and hearing about it – Hubby enjoyed it the best.

We also saw the famed cherry trees but we couldnt imagine the beauty of them in full bloom as the heat was too much for us to even think of cool spring then!

Last but not the least, we finally saw the White House,

which was a HUGE disappointment – though we were told that we would not be able to see anything -the place was so crowded and I believe there is another view point which was closed – so we only could see it from the fence.

So not much time spent there…

All in all we completed the tour of Washington DC in 5 hrs and back in Philly by dinner time.

And Oh yeah – I JUST have to say this – The people there were crazy. While hubby and me were sweating like pigs in that hot sun, drinking gallons of water and despite wearing caps were running for any shade or A/C bus when ever possible, we saw this guy – shirtless,short shorts,goggles Ipod and a water bottle stuck to the waist – guess what he was doing?!! He was jogging! :-O Seriously – why would anyone want to so desperately do any exercise? And that guy was stick thin!!!Now,What kind of a fetish is that?


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