Philadelphia – Completely unplanned trip…

Warning – Long long post

OK, this one was long long pending, so let me finish it off…

MILs sis lives in Philly and her daughter had her arengetaram while we were there. So, it became an obligation for us to attend it though – given a choice meaning if it were here we would’ve mostly just esacped while MIL and FIL attended it.

But we had no choice – so I took 2 days off after a big release and off we went. 7hours of drive all the way from Columbus and we made it just in time for the event. I had only met the aunt once during our wedding and none of the others so I was obviously very nervous and kind of prepared to be bored for the next couple of hours. BUT, we were very pleasantly surprised – we really enjoyed the program – it was simply awesome! I regretted the fact that I quit dancing years ago… hubby’s cousin just rocked!

Since I had taken 2 days off-we had a couple of choices to decide what place we could see – we chose to see Philly on the sunday and for the first time we decided to take it as it comes and not plan. And it turned out ot be a BIG disaster! It was sweltering HOT and we didnt know where to begin from – We saw the liberty bell

and a couple of statues

the memorial hall,downtown Philly-

everything that was within about 4-5 blocks. And then we didnt know what to do and we were hungryyy. We roamed around 1/2 hour just to get an Indian retaurant – got a BAD one and had something to fill out stomach and also the GPS stopped working – It just got soo confused that it just couldnt give us the right directions!!! So we had to get out of downtown and then decided to see the Fairmount Park. Unfortunately for us there was some kind of a religious gathering of all natives at the park that day and we seemed to be the only ones who dared enough to enter the park. We got so scared seeing all those men that we didnt even bother getting out of the car – we just drove right out of the park and decided to go to the zoo…

And here is the worst part – we missed the turning for the zoo and went right into a completely native american locality. All huge/ hefty black men with ulging biceps and tattoos and body piercing in all odd places – all of them barbequeing outside on the streets… Unfortunately I had read in a newspaper a few days before that there was some communal violence and killings and protests amongst the blacks in downtown Philly, that I totally panicked and made hubby panic too. All those men turned to give our car a look and that pushed us more to get out of that place – I dont even know if we broke any one-way rules that day – but we just didnt care – we went right past all those alleyways and didnt have the guts to stop and ask of directions – we didnt even pull down the windows of the car!!

We finally got to experience what people always told us – about the native americans there – though they really didnt do anything – really might be very ncie/very helpful people – but they looked so huge and scary that no one wants to go to them for any help…

Since the day wasnt working out well – we even fought that we hadnt planned for the trip and wasted a day and tired – we decided to just head back home and plan to go to Washington the next day…

Moral of the story – We both cant go on a trip – unplanned…The first and the last was Philly.

Washington in the next post…


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