Niagara Trip

A couple of weeks back a cousin wrote to say how she surprised her hubby by booking a trip to niagara and I realised I hadnt written about it at all…

So, here goes…

Anup and Lakshmi had just then shifted to Cleaveland from Columbus and they were staying at this hotel which had a huge hall – big enough for all of us (6 people) to fit in. He had been telling us to stop over for the night and it was just around 3-3.5 hrs from there to Niagara.

So, it was decided that over 1 weekend we would go and spend the weekend with them and also see Niagara. While everyone else left on a friday evening (its just about 2 hrs from Columbus to Cleaveland), me and hubby decided to leave early on saturday morning – as usual I had a production release that friday night and HAD to go to work. Hubby picked me up from office at 5.30 am and drove to Cleavland while I slept in the car for 1.5 hrs.

We reached by 7.30 and by 8 we started to Niagara. Rekha and Bindu with KK and Keerthi and Anup and Lakshmi in our car. We reached there by 11.30 and since everyone was hungry had lunch at the punjabi restaurant there and started to walk.

Since it was the 2nd trip for Anup and Lakshmi they knew where to go and what to do -so we had no problems with getting the tickets and standing in line for ‘Maid Of the Mist’ with our blue coats on.
We had to cross a small bridge and go down to the water – and we could see the replica of Stratosphere on the Canada side of the water falls.

Maid Of the Mist was fun. The boat goes almost right to the center of the Horseshoe

and we couldnt even see the rocks behind the white wall of water. The boat was bobbing in all that waves, we took some pictures and then we were back.

Then we had to wait and wait for the ‘Cave of Winds’ at 3.30 – in yellow coats this time. The queue was looong and it was swletering hot. We all had some ice creams and watched the numerous Indian who had got their Parents/In-Laws to see Niagara. It looked like we were in some place in India! That was when we thought that IF we had come back without seeing Niagara – people back home would’nt have shown much interest in what else we DID see there!!!

OK – Back to Cave of Winds. Amazing!it was absolutely an experience! While most people didnt go too close to the water, we like small kids just went and stood below that water falls, it was so loud and so rough – but none of us could resist. While poor kid Sona was petrified (KK/Keerthi’s 4 yr old daughter) we all carried/dragger her into the water too!! Screaming shouting we spent almost 45mins in that water and completely, dripping wet.

Thankfully Anup had told us to get another pair of clothing, which we changed into (thats one thing I really liked there- the rest rooms are so clean and big that we can change clothes there too!) and then we were told that we get very good chaats there. So, off we went – 8 Indians craving for some authentic Chaats! We found it, had masala puris and paani puris and went back to catch a place for the fire works and light show.

It all started at 7.30 pm ( I think) and went on till around 8.30 – 9 pm. The light drizzle did not dampen the spirits of hundreds of people sitting on the grass there waiting to watch the fire works.

By then we were all completely exhausted,Sona had gone to sleep and I was ready to drop off at any place I could sit! I hadnt slept the previous night as well thanks to my release at office. So we all carried Sona in turns and dragged our feet back to the punjabi restaurant for dinner. Most of us were too tired to eat anything and by 10pm we were back in the car and started back.

Thats about all I remember! The minute we started I was off to sleep. The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning on the floor next to hubby and hearing laughter and chatter aroung me. I was then told that we reached at 12am and that I had walked up myself and slept where ever I was at that moment- I dont remember a thing!!!

Well the next day we went to a temple and mall in Cleaveland, just roamed around/had fun/took pictures and were back by 7pm all set to go back to the dreaded work on monday and thinking… Another memorable weekend just flown by.


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