Fun in Impromptu Meetings

Ever since we came back from Columbus, there was this sense of having lost something.

Over the past 2 weeks/weekends I’ve realised what it is! The freedom of meeting friends when and where you like, of taking on the spot decisions of staying back at a friend’s place or going out for dinner.

We had A and his wife L coming for a visit from US for a month and we had been planning for months as to when and where we can meet. But none of those plans worked as they had come on a very tight schedule (yeah! who doesnt?) and so we had to meet them on a weekday. Another couple had just become parents and thinking we could kill 2 birds with one shot, decided to meet in their house. So, there we were on a tuesday evening – direct from work,3 couples meeting. Anyone can guess that we lost track of time and didnt think of dinner until past 10pm. Then rushed to the nearest hotel, didnt want to eat there-so packed food, went back to their house and by the time we finished dinner it was past 11.30!We just called back home and let them know that we would be staying back there – wow! just like that… And the best reason we had was the distance and the unearthly time. We spoke upto 2 am (I think) until our eyes were drooping and then somehow adjusted on comforters and slept.

This weekend too – the same thing happened. We met another couple from college and since it was cloudy/the weather ideal to eat hot bajjis and butta on the road side – off we went. After eating all that stuff, on the spur of the moment we decided to even go out for dinner!While most of Blore was dressed and to party, we 4 were dressed in comfortable home clothes and went to a pretty high-end restaurant and we really didnt care!!

This reminds me of all the times I over stayed in A&Ls home/ Raj and Aravind’s home playing cards/raja rani kalla police (yeah! can you believe it?) and trying to sleep at 5 am when A told us ghost stories!!! The time I did my production release from Raj’s house and it bombed! The nights when we came back home only to take our comforters and pillows to go back to their house to sleep. The week nights they came home to watch one of those rare hindi movies and stayed back over night. ( There are sooo many memories that I guess I’ll just do another post on the long days of June and July in Columbus.)

Those were the days…


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