My City – Unsafe…

Yesterday, when my friend at work gave me the news of the bomb blast near the Madiwala checkpost in the afternoon – my reaction was – “WHAT!!!” and my voice had invariably raised that my manager and couple of others turned to ask what was wrong. I was in a state of shock for a few seconds just making sure that I heard right. And then I called home/hubby/Dad and made sure that they were all at home/work and safe.

Its still so hard to believe – though the blasts werent big, it has still hit very close home for comfort. My city – my home – I cant believe has become so volatile. We Bangaloreans are generally in a comfort zone – thinking that nothing can happen to us/our city.

There has been one more bomb that has been found near the famous mall today morning. How are we to know its safe to even step outside? Where will the next attack be? Will it be small/big? Even now what about the injured? What about those unfortunate ones who happened to be there at that time?

I just hope the miscreants are caught as soon as possible – before any more damage is done to our city, which had so far been a safe haven compared to many other places. I wonder – what they got out of this? Scaring people? (Well, they HAVE succeeded in doing that)Is it a warning for something bigger? I shudder to even think of it…

[Hubby was more upset than me-I believe he almost screamed at someone when they said its to be expected that Blore is next on ‘Target’] – Pray – what target? Is it some kind of a fun game happening here????


What do you think?

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