Adventures – of a rainy kind…

Oh! wondering what other adventures can be had other than river rafting that I’ve already written about? šŸ™‚

We got stuck in rain and slush 2 days ago which reminded me of a couple more such incidents…

Dad’s cousin had built a new house somewhere near the HAL airpot in Indiranagar. At that time Indiranagar wasnt even heard of – it was a new locality that was coming up ‘somwhere far away’ near the airport.(It was when I was still in school! seems like eons ago…)

It being a weekday we had to go to their house in the evening but Dad got held up at work – so mom,granny, me and bro went with another elderly couple in their Fiat car. The driver was also unaware of the route,so, though we did start pretty early around 5 in the evening by the time we figured out the house it was past 7 pm. It was already dark and it didnt just rain – it poured. I remember us reaching the road to that house and then suddenly there is a power cut-no street lights,dark, no road to the house and there far away we could see the house in lights and the streets were filled with water. The car stopped – just like that in the middle of the road – water had gone into the carbourator through the exhaust pipes! We had to get down and walk all the way to the house -drenched and dirty!

Another incident when the 4 of us – dad,mom,bro and me went to Mantralaya. It had been raining heavily for almost a week and we were travelling by our own car. We had another couple of hours left to reach the destination when all villagers said there was water flowing in from all directions a couple of kms further and no vehicles were able to proceed – so we stayed in a motel for that night and started in the morning. Everywhere vehicles had stopped and traffic was piling up on the small road. We being in a ambassador car went as far as we could and what we see? – cars floating in water! – YES! There was no road and water was flowing from one side to the other with enough force to topple car.
Solution? – the exahust pipe was covered with a plastic cover. We were asked to put our feet up on the seat and the car was pushed by around 6-7 villagers across that small stream,while water entered inside the car and our slippers were floating! There was no system of steering at all since the car was floating! Wow! Me and bro had a great experience while mom was chanting all the prayers she could think off!

Experiences that I wont forget in a lifetime šŸ™‚


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