Scary Memory

I read this recent post by Sanju and remembered my scare which I thought I would rather put it here than hog her space. Very nice of me na? 🙂

It was a week since I had landed in Columbus and 1 day since I had rented the apartment and the 2nd night of sleeping alone. It was freezing cold and I didnt even have a bed. Having slept in the living room the previous night in the sleeping bag and being scolded for it by A I decided to take his advice and sleep in the bedroom-which would supposedly be warmer.

The house being on the ground floor, both the bedroom windows would open to the car park in front of the house. So, as I settled down to sleep, fully packing myself with all the warm clothes I had, I saw the despite switching off all lights in the house there was still light coming in from somewhere. I checked outside and there was the source – a car with its headlights on which was parked right in front of the bedroom. Initially, I thought that someone must have forgotten to switch off the lights but then I saw again,there were 2 guys sitting inside the car. I guess they saw me watching them and they stared right back at me. I immediately closed the blinds and called A though it was past 10pm.

He laughed at me and told me that they might be waiting for someone – that being a Saturday night and so just go back to sleep. I waited and waitd for 20mins but neither did the lights go off – nor did the car. Then I peeped in through the window of the other bedroom and those guys were still sitting there!

Being new to the place and having heard a lot of scary stories, I was pertified.I again called A and then his wife taking pity on me decided that they would come home and check.I was waiting for them like I’ve never waited for anyone before! They came within the next 5 mins and the more scary part was – those 2 guys left- immediately! as soon as they saw A and L step in! That got me more scared and L too decided that I wouldnt be able to sleep there. So away I went, to sleep in their warm cozy hall on the sofa-cum-bed.

Being very kind, they then gave me an option to sleep in their house every night until hubby joined me – but I decided that I had to fight that fear. After that, every night until hubby came – I slept in the hall in the sleeping bag – bearing the cold but just didnt get enough guts to sleep in the bedroom! But that was the last of any such scares – Thank God!!


One thought on “Scary Memory

  1. Reminds me of a vacation S and I had taken near Jim Thorpe, PA… We had rented a B&B and were all alone in a big farmhouse with no houses nearby… Now picture this, no cellphone signal, no one in the vicinity of a mile atleast, we dont know the area and the phone rings at 12 midnight sharp… I leave the rest to imagination… One crazy night which S and I were never forget…

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