Memory brought on by aching muscles

After seeing the postive difference in hubby’s weight in 3 months since he’s joined the gym – I decided to go for it too, on a trial basis. And after 2 days my legs are hurting like mad! I cant get down the stairs, am limping at work too-so much so that someone at work asked if I had hurt myself!

It brought back memories of another time – last year when we went whitewater rafting in West Virginia. I was blackmailed into joining by my friends who said that hubby wont be going if I didnt join too… So with a lot of apprehension I decided to go too.

We were 13 of us in 3 cars and for some of them it was the second time. We left early on saturday morning on a 4hr drive to the river base where we were given wet suits/life jackets and instructions. Seeing our tensed faces the instructor asked how many of us knew swimming which most of us didnt – to top it off – it had rained the whole week and there was a lot of water. We were finally given a choice – want to take the challenge and go for the Upper Gauley river which was for experienced people with class 4 and class 5 rapids or take the easy way and go for the Lower Gauley which was only class 3 rapids at the most. The guys outnumbered the girls and chose the Upper Gauley and away we went in 2 rafts.

Notice the guide at the back of the raf
Initially-until almost lunch it was the general cruising along with class 2-3 rapids which gave us a little confidence. Our guide was a sturdy man who we later realised was doing most of the work of steering while we were just rowing with hardly any force :-p While everyone else in the raft took a dip in the water and even just floated along with the boat I was the only one with no guts to get into that freezing water to float.

Post lunch was when we had all major rapids,I remember 4 class 4 and 2 class 5 rapids which was a challange for all of us. With a lot of screaming and shouting we made through everyone of them – totally wet and wild πŸ™‚ After nearly 5 hours on the water, at the end of it we all still had so much of adrenaline pumping that we didnt want it to end! In and out of those white water, steering to the instructions – 4 front/4 back – right side only/left side only – I can even now recall the isntructions that was being given. We were thinking at the end of it – that it was sad none of us fell into the water!!

By 5pm we were out and at the base camp when we realised that 1 of the guys had left the car keys inside the trunk of the car and had locked it! To unlock the car and get the key out took around 2.5 hrs by which time it was 7.30pm and we started back. By then with the exitement waning everyone was tired and for me-muscles I didnt even know existed were hurting so much that I felt feverish. The minute we started I was so tired that I slept and didnt get up until I was woken up for dinner at some roadside diner at 10.30pm. There was nothing veggie available so we had to make do with some pastry/french fries and ice cream. By then everyone was so tired that no one had any energy left to talk. Had a quiet dinner and started back again. I pity the guys who had to drive us back home!

We finally reached home at 2am in the morning on sunday and it took most of us 3 days of limping to and from work to get rid of all taht muscle cramps!! and with a really bad tan despite the copious amounts of sunblock. But I must say it was well worth it! Thanks to those guys who forced me to do it, though I’ll never acknowledge it in front of them and give them that satisfaction πŸ™‚

An experience of a life time. Would I do it again? Hmmm, I really dont know if i still have the guts to do it or the energy. But ask hubby – am sure he would JUMP at the opportunity!

*sigh* I miss those days…


2 thoughts on “Memory brought on by aching muscles

  1. Yaaar ! this rafting thingy sounds so cooooool ! Me never ever even seen rafting other than on TV ofcourse 😦 All the best with gymming πŸ™‚ May good sense prevail and you continue for a loooong time

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