Friday – Dress Down Day!


Most offices and Software companies have a dress code restricting the employees to wear only formal/semi formal clothes on weekdays. Only on friday we can dress casual.

Initially I thought it was so funny that even for adults in a free country we are told what to wear and what not to.Cant we – As Adults decided for ourselves what we want to wear or not?

These days I seem to understand the need for it though. Fridays are really a day when people ‘dress down’ – low waist jeans-both men and women, cleavage showing tops and what not! You cant come to office dressed like you are going to a Discotheque or a pub! People just dont understand the concept of Office Decorum! So much so that last friday I saw a guy wearing a really bad pair of jeans – which was ready to drop off, standing inside a building -wearing his dark goggles, tight T-shirt displaying his muscles – just a shade lesser than what you call flourocent, and with streaked hair that was made to stand using gel (i imagine).

Well ok, I understand its friday and that there is freedom to wear what you want – but like that? to work? He did attract a lot of attention no-doubt – but most people (including me – i admit) were only turning back to take a second look at him and shake their heads.

How could he even see with those dark glasses on – that too in the basement of a building? And how could he sit and work in those clothes there were sticking to him? Why the need for gelled/spiked hair if all you are going to do is sit and slog in front of your computer? Why that intense need to attract attention?

Anyone with any answers to these questions?! I really dont have any…


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