Cleanliness Next to Godliness – Who cares?

Yeah! Who cares?

Every time we go on a trip and we are fascinated by the scenic beauty of the place -*Thud* we are back on uneven ground – coz right there next to that gurgling white water/ the lush green trees / the beautiful monument/ temple are chocolate wrappers/biscuit and chips covers/plastic water bottles and all rubbish that you can imagine.

The same happened this time around too… At the Chettiar park where the flowers were in full bloom and just looking at them brought smile to our faces – there just there next to the rose garden was a HEAP of all this rubbish. And the so called water pond was filled with the same wrappers/plastic covers/water bottles/aerated drink bottles and cans and what not! And on the trek to Pambar falls when the weather was just perrfect and we were literally walking in clouds – I tripped – on what? On a beer bottle. I was soo enjoying my walk, looking up at the trees,the water next to me and the cloudy sky- trying to see as far as I could that I really didn’t expect this thing to be just lying there. To top it off I had even removed my shoes – most people had – so what if I had stepped on it and hurt myself?

Why only at such spots? There were the stains of spitted pan at even a place like RajGhat! THE Taj Mahal our own wonder of the world *hah!* – Just outside the entrance is full of filth. And I don’t even want to recall the site outside Mathura temple! Don’t these places deserve some kind of respect?

When will people learn? When will they realise that keeping a place clean has its benefits? Forget the kind of impression it gives to the tourists – what about the health consequences? What about the stench that they are forced to live in everyday? Dont they want to get rid of it?

And as for the tourists – why that indifferent attitude? Why think – ‘Oh! someone will clean it. Its anyway not my home!’ When there is a dustbin just a few yards away-cant we just walk that distance to discard that water bottle – when we can walk a km to just buy a pack of cigarettes!?

I don’t blame the municipality or the corporation – they definitely are doing their bit. No plastic being sold in any shops/ dustbins everywhere, toilets where ever possible( here again I blame the people who use it-who make it dirty and don’t have the basic civic sense to use the water provided there!) and dustbins at every corner.

With so much of discussions happening on the environment and cleanliness – When are we going to start doing our little bit?


2 thoughts on “Cleanliness Next to Godliness – Who cares?

  1. I swear Who Cares ! Its so irritatin to see people dump thier waste on such places and then also they are the same people who crib when they go back that the place was so dirty 🙂 In bombay local trains; you should see the number of people who will throw the mineral water bottle, frooti packs, coke tins etc straight out of the window and this in the first class compartment where there are to be supposedly educated people !Btw, We used to go trekking in the western ghats when in mumbai, and made it a point to carry all the garbage down and not leave even a strip of paper up on the peaks. I also know of a gang of boys in bombay who trek mountains specially to clear them of the garbage dumped by other trekkers !

  2. Babes… if u ever get the ppl to clean up these places… we can then see below the filth to know how they have defiled these monuments with important information such as who loves who and names surrounded by huge hearts etc…I have gone from appalled to indignant to enraged to apathetic about the whole thing.

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