We are back from our Kodai trip and no second thoughts – It definitely is better than Ooty or even Mussorie for that matter. Coz it fit the description of a hill station!

I guess this time the weather Gods were with us – We got to see all weathers – sunny,cool,cold,cloudy,rainy,windy…

Hmm, let me start with Day 1 – We reached midmorning and thanks to the night journey and the rainy weather we just went around the resort, spoke to the travel guide,took some pictures played some indoor games and generally got a feel of the place.

Day 2 – We went to see the major view points – Upper lake view,Coaker’s walk,Moir Point,Pillar rocks, the Green Valley view – a great view point at a much higher altitude. When we reached there the clouds had just started to move in and we got some amazing photos.It was as if we were on an airplane and taking the pictures.

However it soon started to drizzle so didnt spend as much time as we wanted there. Saw 2 parks – Bryant park and Chettiar park both of which had really beautiful flowering plants and luckily in full bloom.

Oh yeah! we also went to the famous Pine forest – which is where most of the film shootings take place. I only wished that it was cloudy at that time, so we could also take some nice pictures of the 2 of us amidst all those pine trees and clouds in true filmy style πŸ™‚ We did visit 2 temples too – a Kurinji Andavar temple for Aiyappa swami and a Jain temple,ofcourse where we hardly spent 15 mins in all. We skipped the Bear Shola water falls as the driver said there wasnt any water and also the devil’s kitchen – we didnt want to trek for 2 kms just to see the mouth of a cave.I guess we disappointed our driver, he kept advertising that these were the caves where kamal Hassan shot for his Guna movie *hehe* .Unfortunately we didnt get to go to Berijam lake as it is now closed for the public by the forest department.

Day 3 – We rented a cycle each that day and went cycling the Satya Sai Baba ashram very close to the resort.Then to the lake for boating. Hubby being very enthu to go boating in rain – we took a covered paddle boat and that 1/2 hr was a very nice experience- boating in rain πŸ™‚ We cycled back all the way to the resort – ofcourse with a million breaks in between. I was finally convinced that I badly need some kind of excercise in my daily life!! I was panting for breath after every 5 mins of cycling and had to stop to take a breath. To add to that woe, the rain never let go and we went back cycling in rain! We must have cycled nearly 7-8km that day excluding the paddle boating!

Day 4 and final – we decided to see a couple more places before catching the bus back. So Dolphin’s nose and Pambar falls it was – trekking again – Pambar falls was very refreshing and like always I couldnt resist the temptation of water πŸ™‚ Went in first and finally poor hubby joined, left with no choice.That was a total of 4 km trek I guess.Finally we went to Dolphin’s nose – A rock structure supposed to be like dolphin’s nose – it was the toughest trek ever! But it was worth it all-only for the view-as we watched the clouds cleared to lush green trees and mountains. It was a sight to see! The climb back was literally breath-taking ;-p After stopping at innumerable spots I finally managed to climb back the 3kms in 45 mins.By the end of it all we must have trekked like 10-12kms that day!

Oh yeah! How can any trip be complete without a few hitches and disappointments? The biggest disappointment being the resort where we stayed. Though a known name (which was why we shelled out quite some moolah 😦 ) the management was pathetic. We were totally disappointed with the attitude of the maintenance people. Things were not clean/room service not cleared/fresh linen had to be asked for everyday and any response could be got only after repeated calling to the reception/housekeeping/room service.

Well, All’s well that ends well – So here I am, back now-uploading the photos and thinking of where and when to go next πŸ™‚ Oh yeah! And I finally get to tell people that I’ve seen Kodaikanal too! Definitely a place worth visiting…


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